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Penza, Moskovskaya st., 75. phone : +7 (8412) 59-52-19, 55-04-11
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About Penza Region

Tourism in the Penza region

History of the Region

The Penza Region includes many nationalities. Representatives of the Slavic, Finno-Ugric and Turkish peoples live in the region. The earliest traces of human activity in the region date back to the Neolithic epoch. A southern cattle-breeding tribe came to the land in the bronze century later followed by a tribe of primitive farmers, cattle herders, and hunters. Local archeologists have also...
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Government of the Penza Regionofficial site, 2011
Penza, Moskovskaya st., 75.,
phone : +7 (8412) 59-52-19, 55-04-11
E-mail: pravobl@obl.penza.net
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