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Главная » Ivan Belozertsev delivered his annual message of the Investment

Ivan Belozertsev delivered his annual message of the Investment

22.12.2015 08:26 (Опубликовано)

The governor announced the priority economic problems of the region in a ceremony announcement on December 21, 2015.

Participants of the event were members of the government of the Penza region, members of the Regional Legislative Assembly, heads of state bodies, heads of administrations of city districts and municipal districts, business community and media.

«We live in an era of change. So we have to be foresight, take special responsibility, think creative and diverse approach to solving problems in any area. Improving the efficiency of interaction between government and business, creation of a flexible system of state support of investment projects, the expansion of infrastructure opportunities for entrepreneurs - the key to successful development of the Penza region, to the growth of its economy and improvement of the life quality in the region», - said Ivan Belozertsev in the introductory part of the annual Investment messages.

The Governor stressed the necessity to continue the implementation of the investment policies in the new conditions.

«Building trust between the government and business should be the basis of the investment policy», - said Ivan Belozertsev.

The governor also spoke about reducing the region's dependence on imported products through the development of its own production. In 2016 it is planned to continue the implementation of the cluster policy. Currently set up six regional clusters: sweet, instrument-making, biomedical, glass, furniture and tourism.

«Penza region is opened for cooperation with Russian and foreign partners. Regional operator for working with them is a Corporation of development. It provides support for investors, helps in the selection of investment areas and solving problems»,- said the governor.

«I ask the leaders of all levels of government and businesses to interact with the Corporation to attract investment», - he added.



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