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Penza, Moskovskaya st., 75. phone : +7 (8412) 59-52-19, 55-04-11
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Главная » Penza region took the 10th place in the ranking of Innovative Regions of Russia

Penza region took the 10th place in the ranking of Innovative Regions of Russia

5.11.2015 09:19 (Опубликовано)

Penza region climbed to 10th place in the ranking of innovative regions of Russia. The region close to the group «Strong innovators».

«In the last ranking Penza region ranked 20th. The region belongs to the «Medium-strong innovators», - noted in the Ministry of Industry, business development, innovation policy and information of the Penza region.

The first places is occupied by St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Republic of Tatarstan and the Nizhny Novgorod region. Also in the list of «Strong innovators» entered Yaroslavl, Moscow, Tomsk and Kaluga regions.

Rating innovative regions was developed by the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia in 2012 in conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Development, with the participation of representatives of the regional administrations and the leading experts in the country.

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Penza, Moskovskaya st., 75.,
phone : +7 (8412) 59-52-19, 55-04-11
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