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Главная » Training activities for farmers of the Penza region will be held throughout 2016

Training activities for farmers of the Penza region will be held throughout 2016

14.01.2016 10:49 (Опубликовано)

Training activities for farmers of the Penza region will be held throughout 2016.

«In January, farmers and specialists of regional offices for the development of agriculture will study the development of rabbit breeding. Lecturers will affect the prospects of the development and current state of the industry», - reported in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Penza region.

The course of lectures on the development of dairy and beef cattle will be held in the Agricultural academy. An expert of the Moscow company «GrandFit» Marina Kozyrev, General director of APC «Volga» Paul Gorin, Ph.D. in veterinary science, livestock LLC «Doza-Agro» Alex Zhabrov, representative of «Architectural design and technology» Valery Zorkin will be the main lecturers.

The main issues of the training will be feeding of cattle, operational management of feeding and the use of mini-plants for processing of milk and production of dairy products.




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