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Главная » Ivan Belozertsev instructed to consider the possibility of purchasing public transport of Belarusian origin for Penza

Ivan Belozertsev instructed to consider the possibility of purchasing public transport of Belarusian origin for Penza

16.06.2017 15:20 (Опубликовано)

 The governor of the Penza region visited the Belarusian enterprise JSC "Management Company of the Belkommunmash Holding" within the framework of a business visit to the Republic.

A visit to a number of production facilities is planned in the program of the working trip, the first of which was Belkommunmash.
At present, the company is the leading manufacturer of public electric transport.
Ivan Belozertsev got acquainted with the technological process and modern models of these vehicles.
The governor noted the advantages of environmentally friendly modes of transport and expressed interest in purchasing Belarusian cars for the Penza route network.
"Today we are investing in the development of transport on gasoline fuel, this year 100 million rubles from the budget of the Penza region was sent for the purchase of large capacity buses," - the head of the region said.
"We are working to balance the number of different types of public transport - fixed-route taxis and large buses, so that residents have the opportunity to choose. Therefore, we came to the plant to study the production, to make sure that high-quality models are produced here, "he added.
Also, guests were presented with an innovative passenger vehicle - an electric bus. This is a "hybrid" bus and trolley bus, which is more comfortable and convenient for all categories of passengers.
Having made a trip on the electric bus through the capital of the Republic, Ivan Belozertsev instructed the Minister of Industry of the region to calculate the economic feasibility of using this type of transport in the regional center.
"We need to analyze the cost of electric buses, and also how much this mode of transport is more economical in operation in comparison with trolleybuses that operate from the contact network and see if it is possible to acquire it as the rolling stock of Penza," the governor said.
He stressed that the development of such modifications of public transport is a serious step in the development of transport.
"Today there is a request for an environmentally friendly mode of transport not only in Russia, but also in Europe, there is no doubt that this is the future. We are sincerely glad for the Belarusian colleagues, who are keeping pace with the times and producing similar modern cars, " - concluded the head of the region.
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