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Главная » It is necessary to develop and popularize agro-tourism centers, - Ivan Belozertsev

It is necessary to develop and popularize agro-tourism centers, - Ivan Belozertsev

19.06.2017 18:57 (Опубликовано)

The visit of the Penza delegation to the Dzerzhinsky agro-industrial complex in the Republic of Belarus was held on Thursday, June 8, 2017.

The peculiarity of this agricultural enterprise is its multidisciplinary nature, the development of several industries. The main activity is industrial production of poultry meat, processing and marketing.
In addition, the company is engaged in breeding of cattle, pond fish, plant growing, produce mixed fodders, premixes and protein-vitamin supplements.
Ecotourism is one of the successful activities of the enterprise. In the center of "Stankovo" there is a hotel complex, attractions, a horse farm, and even a Santa Claus residence.
In addition, a large zoological garden inhabited by more than 40 species of domestic and wild exotic birds - pheasants, ducks, geese, peacocks, turkeys, ostriches, quail, partridges, swans, and also wild animals - bison, yaks, llamas, wolves, deer , fallow deer, bear, foxes and raccoons.
Of particular interest is the "Partisan Camp" complex, a reconstruction on the site of historical events during the Great Patriotic War.
The governor inspected the installations, noting the importance of the object for patriotic education of the younger generation.
"Here come the children, get acquainted with the history of their Motherland, a feat of ancestors. This is an interesting and effective teaching method aimed not only at studying local history, but also forming respectful attitude to one's culture, " - he stressed.
The governor drew attention to similar facilities in the Penza region.
"We have successful projects that are popular with residents and visitors of the region. It is necessary to develop and popularize agro-tourism centers, support entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in this direction, to promote the creation of new facilities, " - the head of the region specified.
Ivan Belozertsev also announced his intention to personally visit some Penza eco-farms and discuss with the heads of farms the prospects for their development.
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