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Главная » Guests from other regions note that Penza gets the look of a European city - Ivan Belozertsev

Guests from other regions note that Penza gets the look of a European city - Ivan Belozertsev

16.07.2017 14:42 (Опубликовано)

At an operational meeting in the government of the Penza region on Monday, July 3, 2017, discussed the course of major repairs of the embankment of the river Sura.

As the head of the administration of Penza Viktor Kuvaytsev reported to the governor, the first stage of works, the cost of which amounted to 103.7 million rubles, is conducted in accordance with the approved schedule.
"The facades of the stele with the bas-relief and the Rostok monument have been cleared, the asphalt covering of the observation platform has been dismantled, the piling and reinforcement of the underlying layers and crushed stone, the bicycle path has been arranged, - Viktor Kuvaytsev said. - The slabs for strengthening the slopes of the embankment and the lower walking zone are dismantled, and the water chimney is being repaired. "
The work is planned to be completed by mid-November 2017.
Within the second stage of the overhaul, the asphalt pavement will be replaced with a tiled floor in the upper promenade zone, the slope will be strengthened with an amphitheater in the viewing area, recreation areas for children and adults will be arranged, engineering work for the embankment, landscaping, installation of small architectural forms and arrangement lawns.
The full range of works is planned to be completed by the end of May 2018.
"This is a very important project for the region, deviation from the schedule is unacceptable," - Ivan Belozertsev stressed. - Keep this issue under control, every week summing up what has already been done and what remains to be done. "
Sura embankment is integrated into the structure of the city center, work on its reconstruction can only be carried out as part of the transformation of the entire microdistrict. The embankment will be looped into a single system of city improvement, "- noted Leonid Ioffe, chief architect of the Penza region.
"The main thing is to prevent architectural mistakes in the center of the city," - warned the governor. - Visitors coming to us from other regions of the country note that Penza takes the form of a European city. I think this is a great advance of confidence, which we need to justify. "
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