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Главная » The Penza region is preparing for the VIII All-Russian rural Sabantuy

The Penza region is preparing for the VIII All-Russian rural Sabantuy

18.07.2017 17:49 (Опубликовано)

By July 15, 2017, all the facilities involved in the organization of the All-Russian Sabantuy, which will take place in the village of Central Eluzan of the Penza region, must be completed.

Larysa Ryabikhina, the first deputy chairman of the regional government, the head of the apparatus of the governor and the government of the Penza region, held an on-site meeting of the organizing committee on the site of the holiday.
"Starting on Monday, the metochion of 13 districts of the Penza region with the compact living of the Tatar population Gorodishchensky, Kamensky, Kuznetsky, Penza, Shemsyshaysky, Belinsky, Sosnovoborsky, Neverkinsky, Spassky, Lopatinsky, Issinsky, Pachelmsky and Luninsky districts will begin to be formed in the Gorodishchensky district, -deputy chairman said. - The main part of the work is already coming to an end - the issues of supplying electricity, water supply and sanitation, and sewerage of the site have been resolved. The scheme of the location of the objects is approved, the construction of the racecourse and the Reception House of the Governor is being completed. "
"The scheme for ensuring safety during the Sabantuy was defined and coordinated, road works and parking arrangements are being carried out - three large parking lots for cars and large capacity buses will be organized," - she added.
Larisa Ryabihina also stated that the creation of the brand book of the VIII All-Russian rural Sabantuy was completed and the official emblem of the holiday was approved.
"All logistical issues have also been worked out," - noted the First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Penza Region. - The location of the scene, the opening ceremony has been determined. It is also planned to allocate territory for the presentation of the investment potential of the Penza region - this moment seems very important to us very. "
Larisa Ryabihina stressed that all objects should be handed over to Sabantuy a week before the event.
VIII All-Russian rural Sabantuy will be held in the Penza region on July 22, 2017. On the eve, on July 21, in the village of Sredny Yeluzan there will be a festive concert of masters of the arts.
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