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Главная » Ivan Belozertsev suggested Dmitry Medvedev to expand the program for creating a comfortable urban environment

Ivan Belozertsev suggested Dmitry Medvedev to expand the program for creating a comfortable urban environment

26.08.2017 09:56 (Опубликовано)

An implementation of this program was discussed at a meeting with the assets of the party "United Russia" in the VFD in Penza on Friday, August 11, 2017.

"We will discuss topics that are important for the Volga region, and, of course, for the country as a whole - the development of the housing market, primarily through mortgage lending, the construction of affordable housing. And also, that is the accompanying project, but from this, probably, no less important - the creation of a comfortable urban environment and the improvement of settlements, "- Dmitry Medvedev addressed to the meeting participants.
"All the regions represented here have their own, quite successful projects in this area, approaches that have been formed in recent years. It is necessary to exchange experience, of course, positive, and if there are problems, then talk about the problems, what could be done to solve them, " - he added.
The Prime Minister stressed that the meeting in Penza gives an opportunity to work out the most effective policy to address the issues raised at the all-Russian level.
"A truly comfortable urban environment can be created only with the participation of the citizens themselves, the people themselves who live there. And here, too, have their own ideas, their projects. In Mari El, for example, citizens act as customers and supervisors of landscaping works within the framework of the party project "Urban Environment", in the Penza region there are ideas on expanding the project to the private sector and a number of other ideas, " - Dmitry Medvedev said.
Ivan Belozertsev told that the program of support of local initiatives has been operating in Penza since 2015. Its priority areas are landscaping and gardening of yard territories, arrangement of children's and sports grounds, organization of parking lots, construction and repair of roads and sidewalks, construction of water supply networks.
From the budget, no more than 70% of the total cost of the projects is financed, at least 30% are the own funds of citizens.
"The program for creating a comfortable urban environment has given a new impetus to the development of the territories, people say thank you for that, - said the governor of the Penza region. - But approaches that are effective for urban areas of the so-called mass development are not always applicable. In Penza, as in many cities of the Volga Federal District, a large part of the city's territory is occupied by the private sector, where there is a shortage of public spaces - children's and sports grounds. "
Ivan Belozertsev proposed to expand the opportunities for implementing the activities of the relevant target program, including in them areas of individual housing development.
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