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Главная » 91 quintals per hectare is a worthy indicator of yield in the Penza region, - Ivan Belozertsev

91 quintals per hectare is a worthy indicator of yield in the Penza region, - Ivan Belozertsev

1.09.2017 11:57 (Опубликовано)

The governor visited one of the leading farms of the region - the limited partnership named after Dimitrov in the Belinsky district on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

The agro-industrial enterprise under the direction of Peter Stepanyuk specializes in growing grain, technical and forage crops, and develops dairy cattle. He uses different types of state support.
The sown area - 5910 hectares, cultivation of agricultural crops is carried out with the help of high-performance machinery in 2017.
The Dimitrov partnership was one of the first in the region to apply resource-saving technologies for growing crops. In recent years, the yield of grain and leguminous crops in the farm has grown to 64.2 c / ha - in 2016.
By August 21 this year, the farm harvested 1500 hectares of grain and leguminous crops, which is 49% of the total volume, 10.2 thousand tons of grain was harvested. Winter wheat, barley and peas are completely removed.
Annually, the collective of enterprise and individual workers of crop production and animal husbandry of this enterprise, are recognized as the best in regional and regional competitions in the agro-industrial sector.
The head of the Penza region estimated the condition of the grown wheat, noted the traditionally high yield, which is achieved in the Dimitrov partnership.
"Pyotr Stepanyuc was a leader in plant growing in the Penza land last year. This year, despite the difficult weather conditions of the beginning of the season, his enterprise confirms the high indicators of the harvesting campaign of 2016, " - said the head of the region.
"91 quintals per hectare is a worthy indicator of yield in the Penza region," - he stressed.
Ivan Belozertsev reported that thanks to the hard work of Penza agrarians, an excellent crop of both winter and spring wheat has been obtained in the region today.
At the end of the visit to the advanced organization, the governor personally checked the working conditions of the grain growers by completing the flight behind the control panel of the combine.
"The technology is developing today, the cabin is comfortable - perfectly clean, air conditioning - you can work in a white shirt," - he shared his impressions with the media.
"You get real pleasure from participating in the harvesting process," - the head of the region summed up.
He also recalled that the positive experience of enterprise will be used during regular training seminars, which are planned to be held again after the completion of the current harvesting company.
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