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Главная » Ivan Belozertsev took part in the videoconference of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev

Ivan Belozertsev took part in the videoconference of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev

11.09.2017 18:42 (Опубликовано)

 At the conference call the readiness of the education system for the new academic year was discussed on Monday, August 28, 2017.

The Prime Minister listened to the reports of heads of several regions on the situation on the ground, also discussed the construction of new educational institutions, anti-terrorist security, teachers' salaries, the elimination of the second shift.
"This year, a huge number of children will arrive and, in general, young people - about 30 million. Only 15.5 million schoolchildren sit for school desks, which is almost a million more than a year ago. Of these, 1.8 million children will go to the first class, "- drew attention Dmitry Medvedev.
He added that it is necessary to provide quality education for the younger generation.
"It is necessary that it was interesting to learn, it was comfortable to study. The results of the whole educational system and specific students are depend of from what the conditions for education will be created for children of very young, schoolchildren, students, "- said the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation.
Commenting on the results of the meeting, Ivan Belozertsev noted the need for an informal approach to learning.
"We must creatively approach the organization of pedagogical conferences, initiate discussions on topical issues, so that it is interesting," - the governor specified.
The head of the region stressed that the use of new technologies and techniques in the educational process will allow to move to a new modern level of education, increase the motivation and effectiveness of education.
In the Penza region from September 1, 2017, about 123.3 thousand children will start their education, including more than 13.7 thousand first-graders.
Currently, the acceptance of schools in the region is completed. By the beginning of the academic year, 605 educational organizations are ready, including 24 professional educational organizations, 329 schools, 179 kindergartens, 73 supplementary education organizations.
The construction of new educational institutions continues. This year a school for 1100 places in the "Sputnik" microdistrict of the Penza district was put into operation.
Also on September 1, 2017, the students will receive three new objects: in Penza (550 seats), in Central Eluzani (350 seats) and in Kuznetsk (375 places).
The kindergarten for 175 places in the microdistrict Zarya of the regional center was put into operation.
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