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Главная » Today it is very important to preserve the traditions of glass and crystal production, - Ivan Belozertsev

Today it is very important to preserve the traditions of glass and crystal production, - Ivan Belozertsev

22.10.2017 13:22 (Опубликовано)

Within the framework of the International Symposium on Art Glass and Sculpture, which became one of the brightest and most interesting events in the cultural life of the district center and the Penza region, the artists of Nikolsk Taisia ​​and Anton Fokin created a new art object.

Brother and sister managed to translate the beauty of Russian nature into glass, with a simultaneous reminder of its strength and fragility.
The sculpture "Forest Fairy Tale" consists of three upward spiraling steles depicting unusual trees with colorful balls on glass branches.
"Taisia ​​and Anton Fokiny came up with and created a beautiful sculpture dedicated to the Year of Ecology. It's very cool that a new generation of masters is growing in Nikolsk, linking their lives with glassmaking. These guys are already studying today and are working in this business, "the head of the region said at the ceremony.
He emphasized the role of continuity in the development of glass and crystal production.
"More than 250 years ago, the Bakhmetevsky plant was built in Nikolsk. The traditions inherent in it are preserved. It is very important to develop a glass business, it is important that masters from other countries come here who are engaged in this kind of activity, so that there is an opportunity to exchange best practices, new techniques, technologies, and artistic solutions. It is also important that our specialists, artists, and masters take experience from the best representatives of the industry, "Ivan Belozertsev said.
The Governor expressed gratitude to the organizers of the International Symposium, wished its participants and guests good mood and new creative achievements.
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