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Ivan Belozertsev Ordered to Make Proposals to Equip Aleksandr Arkhangelsky Museum Better
Ivan Belozertsev Ordered to Make Proposals to Equip Aleksandr Arkhangelsky Museum Better
Culture 23.07.2020

This instruction was announced by the Governor during his visit to the above-mentioned cultural facility, as part of a working trip to the Narovchatsky district on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

The opening of the Museum devoted to Aleksandr Arkhangelsky, Russian choral conductor and composer, meritorious artist of the RSFSR, took place on November 23, 2019, on the day of the 710th anniversary of the founding of Narovchat. The facility is included in the municipal touristic route.

The Museum's exposition tells about the main events in the life of the outstanding musician. He was born on October 11, 1846 in the village of Staroye Tezikovo, Narovchatsky district. In his youth he sang in the Narovchat Intercession Cathedral and was an innovator in the history of sacred music.

In 1880 he created a choir. It was his idea to replace children's voices in the church choir with women's ones. In 1887 his choir performed publicly for the first time. Arkhangelsky made many tours in Russia and abroad. Since 1900 he organised magnificent concerts of joint choirs in St. Petersburg. The composer has written more than 50 spiritual works.

During the Soviet period Arkhangelsky conducted the state folk choir in Saint Petersburg and Paris.

The Museum staff played for visitors a scene of county life, related to the life and work of their world-famous fellow countryman.

After getting acquainted with the work of the cultural facility, the head of the regional executive power noted the visibility of presenting the historical material in the adapted for the stage form.

 "Using this form of work allows visitors to perceive information better, so that it is easier to remember it. I like this kind of method and we should try it in other museums in the region," the Governor said.

 "It is clear that this will require additional funds, but I think such expenses are justified, since they will attract even more visitors to the Museum," he explained.

The head of the region approved the decision to open the Museum after a pause caused by the spread of coronavirus infection.

 "The epidemiological situation in the region is stable now. It is necessary to observe security measures, but at the same time you need to more actively make yourself known, because people are even more cautious after the pandemic. More actively invite Penza and Moscow citizens and other regions' residents," Ivan Belozertsev advised.

He ordered to make proposals for Aleksandr Arkhangelsky Museum's additional equipment and expressed readiness to help with repairs, purchase of equipment or exhibits.

They also discussed the issue of improving touristic routes, the possibility of placing tourists at night when organising two or three day routes that run through the territory of the Narovchatsky district.