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Agricultural seminar to be conducted in Mokshansk district
Agricultural seminar to be conducted in Mokshansk district
Economy 09.08.2018

The governor of the region told the news about the planned seminar during a meeting with agricultural company ‘Prolific Farmer’ in Serdobsk, on August 7th, 2018.

The Serdobsk farm specializes in crop growing and processing. The total area of the farming land is around 3.5 thousand ha, with more than 2.1 thousand ha seeded with grain and pulse crops. About a fifth of them has already been harvested and processed. The crop yield at the farm amounts to 2,400-2,500 kilograms per hectare.

The farm manager, Sergey Novichkov, said the harvesting might be completed within eight days, given the favourable weather conditions.

The governor of the region Ivan Belozertsev and the farm manager discussed the crop yield of certain species, peculiarities of their growing. The governor noted on the excellent machinery fleet. The farm possesses technically advanced agricultural machinery: 11 tractors, 4 grain combine harvesters, planters, cultivators, to name but a few.

Ivan Belozertsev talked about the forthcoming seminar for farming business professionals, due to take place in Mokshan district this week.

‘We usually invite crop growers during the harvest season. We look at the species grown, discuss the methods. The colleagues from Bryansk, for example, talk about the benefits of non-alternating farming, when the same arable land can be used and more income is expected’, said the governor.

Sergey Novichkov talked about his crop rotation practice, and his neighbour’s successful farming of a certain species of wheat.

‘The problem with a lot of farmers that they do not want to change. Yet, we do have positive experience and real cases. We offer seminars so that they learn new things and have better profits. And this is what matters’, stressed the governor.

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