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‘Damate’ turkey processing plant to be built in the Penza region
‘Damate’ turkey processing plant to be built in the Penza region
Economy 09.11.2018

The foundation stone of the new plant of the ‘Damate’ group of companies has been laid at an official ceremony in Nizhny Lomov district.

The turkey meat processing plant will have the capacity of 150 tonnes of produce per day. The 13 production lines and 406 units of advanced meat-processing equipment will allow the company to efficiently produce traditional, cooked and cured sausages, ham and convenience food.

The calculated investment amouns to 5.7 billion roubles. The project is realized within the framework of the trilateral contract between the government of the Penza region, ‘Damate’ group of companies and Rosselkhozbank, signed in May this year at the 22nd International Economic Forum in St.Petersburg.

The governor of the Penza region, addressing the audience, expressed his assuredness of the importance of the new undertaking of the well-known agriholding.

“Damate’ is a leader in turkey meat production and processing and it has been expanding its capacities over the last years. The company has created new workplaces in several districts of the Penza region.

This steady growth has to a great extent become possible thanks to the ongoing RF government support programmes for agriculture. Federal subsidy of interest rates encourages the development of large projects in agribusiness industry,’ he said.

The governor wished the company success in their new project launch and development.

The new plant will be built in close proximity to other company facilities - live bird handling, killing and meat processing. The total area for the new plant is 9.21 Ha. Around 30 km of engineering networks and 100 km of electrical wiring will be installed. These works will employ the labour of 390 people and 92 units of buiding machinery.

Head of the ‘Damate’ group of companies, Rashid Khairov, outlined the major goals of the new project. ‘Starting this new project we want to build an advanced plant that meets the highest quality standards and create more than 620 jobs for local population.

Apart from that, more than 300 billion roubles of taxes will be paid to the government and distributed between various budgets,’ he stressed.

The ‘Damate’ group of companies is currrently one of the leading agriholdings in Russia, successfully developing three major specializations: turkey growing and processing, milk processing, dairy produce.The company operates in the Penza and the Tyumen regions.