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Ivan Belozertsev meeting on agri-business collaboration in Beijing
Ivan Belozertsev meeting on agri-business collaboration in Beijing
Economy 04.12.2018

Ivan Belozertsev and Hao Xu, head of the Beijing based company that is currently realizing an agri-business project in the Penza region, met in Beijing.

In June this year the contract was signed concerning the building of the mushroom growing farm.

The farming units are being built in Shemysheika, the Penza region. The planned oyster mushroom production will be 9 tonnes per day. The project costs are around 250 million roubles. The farm will create 90 job places.

The structural buildingsare nearing completion. The necessary equipment – the substrate units and growing chambers - will soon be installed.

Ivan Belozertsev stressed the importance of finishing the farm construction as soon as possible.

‘Russia produces only 12% of the consumed mushrooms. The demand is big. The farm in Shemysheika can become a very profitable business, which is good for the region as well,’ said the Penza governor.

He also described possible support that the government of the Penza region can provide to the company.

‘Your company shows great results. The profits are good. Whenever necessary we can help you with obtaining bank loans, we can also discuss the variants of state-private business cooperation, look for co-investors locally,’ commented the governor.

The parties also discussed the possibilities of developing other agri-business projects in Penza, export of grain, as well as other agricultural products, including meat, to China.

‘Our good relations and excellent business results are our main priorities,’ concluded the governor of the Penza region.