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In recent years the agricultural sector of Penza region has demonstrated a production growth, - Ivan Belozertsev
In recent years the agricultural sector of Penza region has demonstrated a production growth, - Ivan Belozertsev
Economy 04.03.2019
On Friday, February 22nd, 2019, the Governor reported on a meeting of the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev attended by the deputy plenipotentiary envoy of the RF President in Volga Federal District (VFD) Alexey Kuzmitsky as well as heads of VFD’s regions.

Holding the meeting in Kazan on the topic: “Planned volumes of agricultural production and export of products”, the Minister of Agriculture of Russia set an objective to at least double the agricultural product export from Volga Federal District by 2024.

Dmitry Patrushev pointed that due to a need to increase export deliveries of agricultural products the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia together with plenipotentiary envoys of the President were holding a series of meetings on the subject matter in all federal districts. The goal of the said meetings is to elaborate tasks and solutions regarding production spanning and export indicators increasing jointly with regions.

“As for today, Volga Federal District takes the second place in Russia in agricultural production. We predict that by 2024 the district will at least double the export: from current 1,2 billion to 2,8 billion of dollars. The VFD’s share in the total planned Russian export will also rise and constitute over 6%” — noted Dmitry Patrushev.

At the present time the district mainly ships fat-and-oil products and grain crops abroad. At the same time, to achieve the set goal VFD’s regions are required to significantly increase agricultural production in the said and other sectors. In particular, by 2024 the grain crops harvest should grow 1,5 times up to 31,8 mil. tons, oil-bearing plants — by 40% up to 7,3 mil. tons. Cattle and poultry breeding should rise by 10% up to 3,4 mil. tons, milk production – up to 10,2 mil. tons against 9,5 mil. tons in 2018. Dmitry Patrushev also marked prospectivity of halal products development in several VFD’s regions to further expand shipment of such products to foreign markets.

According to the Minister, the district possesses the necessary potential to achieve the set goals. He called on the meeting participants, particularly, managers of regional agricultural departments, to intensify their work on the said direction and to constructively approach the set objectives.

Addressing the meeting participants, the Head of Penza region informed what potential and prospects of agricultural production volumes increase, including for the sake of export spanning, Penza region currently possessed. Ivan Belozertsev emphasized the development of two industries – plant growing and livestock farming. 
“In recent years the agricultural sector of Penza region has steadily demonstrated a production growth. Gross grain and leguminous plants yield in 2018 totaled approximately 1,8 mil. tons. Penza region took the second place in Volga Federal District in grain crop capacity − 26,7 centner/ha. In 2018 we gathered the record-breaking sunflower yield - 388 thousand tons, which is 95% more than in 2017. In sunflower capacity – 16,7 centner/ha – we are the leaders of VFD. As for gross sugar beet yield, the region is the second in the district and 9th in Russia” – imparted the Head of the region.

“In the term till 2024 we will continue increasing the volumes of grain and oil-bearing plants growing – up to 2,2 mil. tons and 600 thousand tons respectively” – said the Governor.

Ivan Belozaertsev reminded that Penza region was the leader among VFD’s regions in meat production. By 2024 it is planned to increase the production 1,3 times and reach 443 thousand tons.

In compliance with the Ordinance of the President of the Russian Federation of May 7th, 2018, № 204 “On national goals and strategic objectives of the development of the Russian Federation till 2024” the agricultural sector of Penza region was assigned an objective to expand the agricultural export to 203 mil. of dollars by 2024. The region is successfully implementing this task systematically increasing the agricultural products export.

The Governor of Penza region also announced the plans of agricultural production spanning in the territory of the region and listed major investment projects being currently realized. He spoke about such groups of companies as “Damate” and “Cherkizovo”, “Prodimex” agroholding, “Aviagen” and “Rusmolko” companies, “Lopatinskiy bacon” and “Hochland Russland”, as well as “Gribnaya companiya” and “Technocord”.

“Penza region is a large foodstuff producer. We completely meet our own requirements as well as supply products abroad” – highlighted Ivan Belozertsev.

It was mentioned on the meeting that the growth of national agricultural production should be promoted both by modernizing existing enterprises and facilities and building new assets. As of today, there are at least 22 such investment projects under implementation in VFD, which in aggregate will insure a 1,5-billion-of-dollars increase of export receipts.

Dmitry Patrushev expressed confidence that all set goals would be achieved, and the creative effects of the achievement would be modernization and opening of new high-tech enterprises, creation of new jobs, infrastructure development and rural life quality improvement.