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Ivan Belozertsev and Sergey Tsyb opened VI All-Russian Forum “InnoMed-2019”
Ivan Belozertsev and Sergey Tsyb opened VI All-Russian Forum “InnoMed-2019”
Economy 05.06.2019

The Governor of Penza region and the first deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia visited the exhibition of innovation projects on Thursday, May 30th, 2019.

During a tour of productions functioning on the basis of “Rameev” technopark the visitors learned about the work of segments issuing high-tech medical equipment. In particular, laboratories of biomaterials processing, coronary stent and endoprosthetic articulation production sites.

After that Ivan Belozertsev and Sergey Tsyb observed the exhibition of innovation projects. Penza region was presented by 11 companies, universities and research centers, including Penza State Technological University, Penza State University, Federal Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, “MedEng” Closed Corporation, “NanoMed” OJSC, “Endocarbon” OJSC and other. The companies exhibited implants, prosthetics, biomaterials and medical devices the use of which is urgent in different fields of healthcare.

Developers from other regions of Russia, such as Moscow, Kazan, Velikiy Novgorod, Izhevsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, also presented their products. Besides, the forum welcomed exhibitors from Minsk, the Republic of Belarus.

The expo participants gave detailed information about their latest achievements in the field of healthcare, stated what sort of assistance they require to organize batch production of high-tech medical items and devices and to promote these products in Russian and foreign markets. 

Addressing the forum participants at the opening ceremony the head of the regional executive power noted the importance of implementing national projects in the Russian Federation, in particular, the “Healthcare” national project.

“We are to increase life span of our citizens and to lower death rate. Therefore we need highly qualified medical personnel and high-tech equipment. This is an objective set by the President of the Russian Federation”, reminded the Head of the Federation’s subject.

“And we can witness a breakthrough in production of Russian medical items and devices, high-quality medical equipment applied in high-precision surgeries and treatment of patients. It became possible because of the great support to Russian developers and producers in the field of healthcare offered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade by the ordinance of the Head of the state”, he asserted.

According to the first deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Sergey Tsyb, Penza region has made considerable steps towards the development of innovation production.

“It is impossible not to see the progress achieved in Penza region, including thanks to the efforts of the head of the region and his team, and, of course, Penza’s companies. Now, as we have walked through the exhibition and the technopark, we see serious changes and remember how it all began 5 years ago. And, of course, we are glad that we have managed to establish in Penza region such a competent and high-tech site for production of a wide range of medical items”, evaluated the deputy head of the Federal Office.

“Penza is becoming a bridge for cooperation between Russian regions and companies from adjacent countries to collaborate with our foreign partners. The efforts channeled nowadays by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia within the state program of medical industry development pursuit a goal to create high-tech production sites designed to issue high-quality medical products for citizens of the Russian Federation”, he said.

In the framework of the All-Russian forum the Government of Penza region and the Association of Cluster and Technopark Development of Russia signed an agreement of cooperation. The document was signed by the Governor Ivan Belozertsev and the director of the abovementioned Association Andrey Shpilenko.