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Grand opening of one of the largest in Russia champignon growing factories was held in Serdobsk
Grand opening of one of the largest in Russia champignon growing factories was held in Serdobsk
Economy 07.08.2019

The Governor Ivan Belozertsev took part in the opening of the full cycle production of “Gribnaya companiya” LLC in the territory of “Serdobskiy” industrial park on Thursday, August 1st, 2019.

The factory is to produce champignons with the capacity of 5 thousand tons per year (up to 7% of consumption in Russia). The investment volume constituted 2 billion rubles.

In autumn of 2018, the company signed an agreement with the Government of Penza region to operate in the territory of advanced development and acquired the status of a resident of “Serdobsk” TASED.

The farm premises with the overall area of 16 thousand square meters were built for a little over a year. Here champignons are cultivated by a Dutch technology. Temperature and humidity are regulated by climatic systems. Timely collection is provided by 120 employees. It is planned to extend the staff to 200 workers. As a bonus, the enterprise has organized free lunches for its associates.

The investor was offered decreased profits tax rates – 5% instead of 20% for the first 5 years and 10% from the 6th to the 10th years, as well as decreased company property tax – 0% instead of 2,2% for the first 5 years and 1,1% from the 6th to the 10th years. The investor is exempted from land tax.

The first products are already in stores and markets.

“The opening of the factory is a major event on Penza land. It is great that high-quality products will go to Penza region’s stores and other regions. But of special importance are new jobs”, pointed out Ivan Belozertsev in his opening speech.

“With all my heart I thank the investors who direct funds to new projects: owing to them the region is developing. It is especially important for Penza region and the whole Russia, it is important for implementation of national projects, including export augmentation. I would like to thank veterans prompting and criticizing us. I thank construction workers, power engineering specialists, gas services specialists, road construction specialist who have created this facility in short time from the zero point. And, of course, I would like to address my gratitude to the management and personnel of “Gribnaya companiya”. I am sure that in 5 years you will cover your expenditures and start new projects on Penza’s grounds”, said the Head of the region.

“Without the Governor this project would have been much harder, - pointed the director general of “Gribnaya companiya” LLC Spartak Antonov. – The real outcomes of state support have exceeded all expectations. I couldn’t even imagine that we would receive so much from federal, regional and district authorities. We will strive for Penza’s champignons to become a regional brand”.

The project has been realized with the support by VTB. The bank offered “Gribnaya companiya” LLC an investment credit of 1,2 billion rubles for 8 years within the state program of agricultural producers support.

Commenting on this event, Denis Peday said: “VTB actively promotes regional business development, as the focus on client’s needs is one of the bank’s strategic goals. With our support, Penza’s companies obtain an opportunity to fulfil their development plans. One of such plans is the launch of the mushroom growing complex. I am glad that the bank has become a partner of such a major project for our region, and the offered tool of state support in the form of concessional lending will considerably improve business efficiency and decrease the time of investment recovery”.

The Foundation for mono-towns development (affiliated to VTB group) invested over 44 million rubles into the infrastructure of the industrial park. The Foundation financed building of the road to the factory. It reduced the costs of the project implementation and accelerated the launch of the production. Besides, 5 regional investors – from Serdobsk, Nikolsk and Zarechniy – have applied to the Foundation to get the loan on 0% of annual interest to implement their investment projects.

“For small mono-towns the opening of a new production means considerable changes: new jobs, new employment perspectives, the return of residents. Now there will be another successfully developing branch is Serdobsk - agriculture. All of it is a result of work of the town’s administrative team. Hopefully, mono-towns of the region will actively utilize financial and non-financial support measures of the Foundation”, pointed out the director general of the Foundation of mono-towns development, deputy chairman of VEB.RF Irina Makieva.

At the present time, on the factory’s premises there is a compost factory construction underway: the cost of self-produced compost is four times lower, than of the purchased one. In November 2019, the construction of all components of the full cycle complex will be finished.