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Dome Being Installed at Penza Circus
Dome Being Installed at Penza Circus
Economy 31.07.2020

On Wednesday, July 22, 2020 Ivan Belozertsev assessed the progress of work on the construction site.

According to the contractor's chief engineer, 198 people are working here at the moment. The circus dome is being installed.

 "Very soon the dome will be visible to the entire city," Yevgeny Buyevich reported to the Governor. "In August we will cover the dome with a galvanised profiled metal sheets, and in November the dome, glazing and facades of the circus blocks will be done".

 "Now I am satisfied with the progress of work," said Ivan Belozertsev. "Before the onset of cold weather you need to completely construct and cover the contour of the building so that you can work on the interior decoration in winter".

The head of the region also stressed the necessity of recruiting right now.

 "We need to start solving this problem in advance," he stated. "There is a good circus school in Zarechny, we need to meet them to discuss this issue, and simultaneously negotiate with performers from Moscow and other cities who would like to come to live and work in Penza".

Tatyana Kurdova, the Penza Oblast Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that it is planned to open a circus department in Penza College of Culture and Arts to train young professionals for the Penza circus.

 "We need to plan this work and come up with an interesting programme for the opening. The circus building will be magnificent, so the content must match it," Ivan Belozertsev summed up.