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Governor Visits Food Production Enterprise Created with Regional Support
Governor Visits Food Production Enterprise Created with Regional Support
Economy 03.09.2020

On Tuesday, August 25, 2020 Ivan Belozertsev said that he was ready to facilitate the development of the Bessonovsky agricultural consumer production and marketing cooperative.

In December 2015, the production organisers received a grant of 3.9 million rubles to purchase meat processing equipment. One of the conditions for providing state support was the creation of 10 jobs. Currently, the company employs 55 people.

The enterprise's main activity is processing pork semi-carcasses and meat products and offal selling.

In 2019 a new meat processing shop, shock freezing chambers and a smoking shop were put into operation. It is planned to increase production in the Bessonovsky district.

Having inspected the production lines and familiarised with the technological processes and the list of the products range, the Governor noted that this agro-enterprise has gained a good reputation as a producer.

 "This is a good project based on a promising idea. Now the formation stage is over," Ivan Belozertsev commented.

 "It is reasonable to continue to help this enterprise develop, so we are ready to support you," - he said.

The Bessonovsky cooperative has its own retail chain of 7 stores in Penza and Zarechny, as well as in the Bessonovsky district. Products are sold under the "Bessonovskaya Marka" brand.

In addition, the agricultural cooperative supplies products to local and federal retail chains in the Penza Oblast, to meat processing plants and to trade and processing enterprises in Russia. The supply is provided to 26 administrative units.