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Governor visits Agricultural Festival “Successful Gardening Season”
Governor visits Agricultural Festival “Successful Gardening Season”
Economy 07.05.2018

On 4 May 2018, the annual traditional event for allotment gardeners was opened in Lenin Square in Penza.

The specialised festival, which is held within two days, is aimed at providing citizens and residents of the region with everything that they need for the successful beginning of allotment and garden work.

More than 120 representatives of regional agribusiness take part in the trade fair. Agricultural manufacturers from all sub-districts of the Penza region offer high-quality seed potato, vegetables, seedlings, planting stock of fruit and berry crops, as well as modern and effective mineral fertilisers and plant protection agents.

The following items are also shown in the main city square: they are agricultural machinery, equipment for allotment and garden work, greenhouses and hothouses, devices for watering and plant care. Moreover, there are necessary things for landscape design and comfortable country rest: garden sculptures and statues, wicker and forged products, applied art and crafts items, garden furniture, and other interior goods for summer houses.

During his visit to the exhibition platforms, Ivan Belozertsev talked to farmers and heads of small enterprises, many of which he explored in person. Agricultural producers described their achievements and thanked for the timely state aid, which helped expand farms and push on to the next level of production.

The vine-grower from Bashmakovsky sub-district, cultivating 250 breeds of fruit plant in his farm, proposed the governor to organise the Vine Day in autumn.

“We can arrange this, for example, in September,” the head of the region welcomed the idea.

“We will provide a site in the regional centre and assistance in holding the event,” he added.

The entrepreneur engaged in growing flower seedlings reported on the challenges connected with high competition. The buyers thanked the governor for initiating the fair, which is necessary for allotment gardeners.

“We should organise such events more often. It is useful for both consumers and manufacturers as it enables them to expand the market,” Ivan Belozertsev noted, summing up the visit to the festival sites.

“Our agricultural producers from all sub-districts offer a wide range of different goods from seedlings to equipment. On the eve of the gardening season it is very important for people,” he stressed.

The festival “Successful Gardening Season” (in Russian “SezonuDachi”) is complemented by master classes and training workshops. Qualified agricultural experts share their knowledge and experience in the fields of cultivating potato and vegetables, preparing allotments for the summer season, pruning garden trees, successful gardening and truck farming, managing agribusiness in private farm households.

In addition, guests of the trade fair can consult the professors of Penza State Agricultural University.

The festival “Successful Gardening Season” involves the live entertainment programme delivered by the best performance teams of the Penza region.