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Ivan Belozertsev pays working visit to Biosintez Company
Ivan Belozertsev pays working visit to Biosintez Company
Economy 07.06.2018

On 6 June 2018, the governor evaluated the scale and quality of implementing the investment project on modernising tablets and capsules production site.

Currently, Biosintez JSC is one of the largest Russian pharmaceutical companies. It manufactures products in six pharmaceutical dose forms: tablets, ointments, suppositories, injectable powders, injections and infusion solutions.

The enterprise has the quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015. The stock-list comprises more than 180 drug products from various pharmacological therapy groups, approximately 70% of manufactured medicines are included in the list of vital and essential medicines approved by the Executive Order of the Government of the Russian Federation.

The supply geography of Biosintez JSC encompasses Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, the Baltic states, as well as Western Europe and Asia.

At present, the establishment of a new production site is being completed at the enterprise. It occupies the area of seven thousand square metres. It is designed to produce at least 2 billion tablets per year.

The production line is a high-tech complex. It enables to create special conditions for manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs. The premises are provided with modern equipment and special climate control units capable of regulating the content of particles and microorganisms in accordance with the necessary requirements.

To date, the facility has reached 80 per cent completion. The launch of this new site is scheduled for September this year.

Having inspected the production premises prepared for operation, Ivan Belozertsev commended the working conditions secured for personnel and the investment project as a whole. The head of the region expressed his commitment to assist in developing the oldest Penza enterprise in the future.

“We are interested in opening new production lines, offering additional jobs, and manufacturing competitive products in the Penza region,” the governor emphasised.

“Biosintez enterprise is advancing. There are prospects for continued growth. We see it and we entirely welcome it,” he added.

During the working visit, Ivan Belozertsev got acquainted with the major production achievements and long-term plans of Biosintez JSC. He also discussed the focus areas for further cooperation in order to ensure the stable operation of the enterprise.