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Steady growth of foreign trade
Steady growth of foreign trade
Economy 11.07.2018

The foreign trade of Penza businesses continues to increase. The foreign trade turnover, according to Federal Customs Service of the RF, for the period from January to April of 2018 amounted to $150.6 million, which is by 11.5% more than the same period in 2017.

The export share of the total foreign trade turnover amounted to 45.2 %. The export to the countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States amounted to $26.8 million, export to CIS countries amounted to $ 41.2 million.

Major export partners of the Penza region are Kazakhstan (22.9% of the total turnover), Belarus (13.3%), Latvia (8.9 %), Ukraine (7.7%), Uzbekistan (6.3 %).

There is a notable growth of export relations between Penza region and the countries of the West and the USA.  The Federal Customs Service has recorded the export growth with Germany by 30% ($ 2.2 million), with the USA by 33% ($3.2 million), with Switzerland by 150% ($1,8 million).

Major export goods are food and raw supplies for the food production. Their export to the USA equalled $27.6 million. Other popular export goods are products of machine building and paper industries.

Import share in the foreign trade turnover amounted to 54.8%.

The import for the given period amounted to $ 82.5 million. Goods worth $ 72.2 million were imported from non-CIS countries, and worth $ 10.3 million - from CIS countries.

Among major import goods are metal and metal produce, as well as food, products of chemical and wood industries.

The major step forward for the beginning of 2018 was the growth of trade with non-CIS countries, which amounted to 32.2%.