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First results of governor’s official visit to Orlov region
First results of governor’s official visit to Orlov region
from the first person 03.09.2018

As the Orlov region and the major holding of agricultural companies ‘Miratorg’ were signing the contract, the governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev answered the journalists’ questions on the opportunities of using the best agricultural practices of the Orlov region and other spheres of cooperation.

Penza governor praised the quality of roads and the speed of resurfacing in the Orlov region. The allocated budget for road repairs in the Orlov region amounts to more than 4 billion roubles, which is a significant sum compared to the size of the region.

Ivan Belozertsev spoke highly of the development of agriculture in the Orlov region, stressing that Penza agricultural professionals should adopt the best practices in crop farming, dairy and beef farming.

‘I think it is wise for our farmers and managers to pay a visit to the Orlov region. Local positive experience can help us to raise the farming efficiency in the region, increase the yield of grain and pulse crops, and increase the production performance in dairy and beef farming. If we manage to do that, then we can enter the top five or six farming regions in Russia, the same as the Orlov region now. We have to do all we can to achieve it,’ said the governor.

Ivan Belozertsev, comparing the current state of education in the regions, stressed how important it is to facilitate keeping the teaching staff in village schools.

‘I’ve seen how the local programme of supporting teaching staff works, we can implement it in our region as well,’ he said.

Summing up, the governor said that the first days of the official visit were highly resultative. Members of the delegation from the Penza region visited ministries, industrial and farming companies, discussed further cooperation opportunities.

The provisional governor of the Orlov region Andrey Klychkov shared with the journalists the results of using the experience of the Penza region in solving the problems locally. The head of the Orlov region emphasized the need to increase cooperation between the regions, strengthen the links in technology, production and management.