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The leading multi-speciality hospital to receive additional funding of 100 million roubles
The leading multi-speciality hospital to receive additional funding of 100 million roubles
from the first person 08.10.2018
One of the oldest hospitals of Penza - Zakharyin hospital - conducted a research conference and had a special meeting that marked the 40th anniversary of the establishment. Ivan Belozertsev congratulated the healthcare professionals and promised further support to one of the leading city hospitals.

The hospital was officially opened in December 1978 and was built to serve the needs of 1200 inpatients.  The opening of the hospital made a huge impact as it solved the problem of providing healthcare to the residents of a large city district and allowed to lessen the workload in other city hospitals.

The hospital recieved a new name in 1982, it was named after the famous Russian doctor, professor Grigory Zakharyin, who was born in Penza.

In the following years the hospital opened new units, increased its personnel numbers and the scope of services, acquired the reputation of the leading multi-speciality hospital of the Penza region.

Ivan Belozertsev, addressing the doctors and nurses, thanked them for their daily saving the lives and health of those who need it.

‘Life is the most important a person can have, more important than anything else. We can’t count how many lives you have saved during these forty years of tireless service,’ he said

‘I want to stress that we have to give the best care to those who come seeking medical help, especially in small regional hospitals and clinics. New equipment has to be acquired, new diagnostics applied, and doctors and nurses trained to be higly efficient.’

The governor also noted the importance of prevention programmes, including medical check-ups. He stressed that special importance should be given to the screening of cardio-vascular diseases (CVD), the major cause of death and disability among the patients. The new cardio-vascular centre will be opened in the hospital, as part of the general programme of CVD prevention in the region.  The governor also promised to visit the new centre.

‘I know that your hospital always needs resources. A lot of buildings require maintenance and repairs. That is why I decided that additional 100 million roubles will be given in 2019 to help fund these needs and also provide for equipment and supplies,’ said the governor.

In the end, the governor handed the anniversary awards to the medical professionals and praised again the high standards of professionalism of the medical personnel and the excellent quality of patient care of the hospital.