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The governor announced plans for the construction and reconstruction of socially significant facilities in 2018
The governor announced plans for the construction and reconstruction of socially significant facilities in 2018
from the first person 27.12.2017
Ivan Belozertsev outlined the main directions of work on creating comfortable living conditions in the region, during the final press conference on Tuesday, December 26, 2017.

One of the directions is the development of the sphere of education.

"It is important for each region to be able to build new schools. Currently, at the expense of the budgets of three levels, we are building a general educational institution on Shuist, have already put the school in Kuznetsk into operation, we are completing the construction of another one in Nizhny Lomov, " - the head of the regional executive power said.

He added that next year, it is planned to start the construction of a kindergarten in "Satellite City" with the participation of the investor.

"We are continuing the regional school overhaul program. 52 educational institutions were put in order this year, we plan to repair as many facilities as possible in 2018, " - Ivan Belozertsev said.

Similar work will be done for rural clubs.

"We laid 100 million rubles to repair the houses of culture. This is a sought-after direction - when you come to the district, you see that after the reconstruction there is five or six new creative teams with the participation of young people - it pleases, " - the governor explained.

He specified that this ensures the coverage of children with additional education, contributes to their development and self-realization.

Also this year, it is planned to begin the reconstruction of the former House of Officers, repair of the ophthalmologic hospital.

"We will repair hospitals, I decided to build four feldsher-midwife points annually. There is a plan for the construction of a new building on the territory of the oncological dispensary, an agreement was reached on this project with the investor, " - the head of the subject of the Federation shared.

He noted the prospects of such a public-private partnership.
"This allows today to solve important tasks for the social and economic development of the region," - he concluded.