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You need to work hard to make miracles come true - Ivan Belozertsev
You need to work hard to make miracles come true - Ivan Belozertsev
from the first person 29.12.2017
Action "Ask the question to the governor. Children "took place in the Penza Regional Drama Theater on Thursday, December 28, 2017.

Three dozen children participated in the dialogue with the governor - from preschool children to high school students. During a month, the press service of the governor received phone and e-mail questions. Altogether, there were about 150 messages.

The authors of the most interesting questions were invited to a meeting with Ivan Belozertsev.

"I hope that you have a good mood before the coming holiday," - the head of the region addressed the children. - I remember how I looked forward the New Year in the childhood waited for father to brought a Christmas tree from the forest, and my sisters and I dressed her. There were not many brightly purchased toys, most of the Christmas decorations we made ourselves, glued of colored paper and cut out snowflakes from the paper. "

The third class student Nikita Popov told the head of the region that during the lessons of the IZO he learned how to make three-dimensional snowflakes, and asked the governor if he believes in a fairy tale.

"I liked reading fairy tales very much in my childhood," - Ivan Belozertsev said. - Most of all I liked that good always overcomes evil, it is very close to my worldview. But in life, you need to work hard to make miracles come true. If you dream of completing a quarter with only five, and teach lessons are lazy, no fairy sorceress will help you in this, or draw new marks in the magazine. If you yourself are not ready to work - a fairy tale will not come. "

The governor told the children about his childhood and youth. Asked about what he considers his highest achievement, the head of the region remembered how he, as a high school student, replaced his the father-combiner at work.

"I showed the best result on the collective farm, having threshed more than 7 thousand centners, and worked as an adult man, - said the governor. - Not only of my mother and father, grandmother and sisters, but also all neighbors was proud of me. For me it was very important, I remembered this lesson for life. "

Ivan Belozertsev admitted that in his youth he first wanted to become an engineer and engage in agricultural machinery or teach physical education at school, but eventually chose a military school.

"The army disciplines the person, makes it more collected, - the governor emphasized. - My habit of never being late comes from the army life."

Young children wondered if the governor has a talisman that he takes with him on business trips, whether he decorated the tree and what wish he wants to make up on New Year's Eve. Senior students interested in programs to support of talented youth, career guidance options and job prospects, especially in rural areas of the Penza region.

"To ensure that young people remain in the village, it is necessary, first, to provide settlements with developed infrastructure, and secondly - to organize workplaces, - the head of the region stated. - In recent years, we have allocated a lot of money for road construction, so that the residents of the districts could easily reach the regional center - walk, go to the theater, visit shops. We are negotiating with investors about starting a business, in 2018 the company "Damate" plans to create about two hundred new jobs. Annually we issue about 60 housing certificates to young families. Only this year 550 young medical workers went to live and work in the village, more and more teachers are traveling. "

"In 2018, the program of major repairs of rural schools will continue, the renovation of clubs and cultural houses will begin, we will expand the opportunities for additional education for rural schoolchildren," - the governor added.

The pupil of Gymnasium N13 in Penza, Yevgeny Lyckin, was worried about the completion of the ecological education of the population in the region together with the end of Year of Ecology.

"This is a very important work, we will continue to work on it,-  Ivan Belozertsev stressed. - We will continue holding scientific and practical conferences and roundtables, combating spontaneous dumps, putting things in order in parks and squares. It is also planned to build a garbage processing plant. I see that people's consciousness is slow, but it is changing, it is necessary to continue the explanatory work on environmental safety. I really hope for your help in this matter. "

The Governor's communication with the participants of the action lasted two hours.

"I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year," the Governor summed up. "I wish you and your family happiness, health and fulfillment of all desires."

A festive performance at the New Year tree and presents waited for children after the dialogue.