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Governor meeting with the manager of ‘ROSTEC’ Electronics cluster
Governor meeting with the manager of ‘ROSTEC’ Electronics cluster
Economy 11.07.2018

Ivan Belozertsev, governor of the Penza region, had a meeting with Sergey Sakhnenko, manager of the Electronics cluster of ‘ROSTEC’ group of companies.

‘ROSCTEC’ includes five enterprises of the Penza region specializing in the development and production of electronics, communications and computing products, automated control systems and their electronic components.

The governor informed the guest that the 2017 production of these enterprises totalled more than 16.8 billion roubles, for the five months of 2018 – 4.5 billion roubles. In 2017 the growth rate was 105.1% as compared with the previous year, and the expected growth in 2018 is 110.6%. ‘The companies are executing government contracts, the production is being modernized, and we would like them to be most up-to-date so as to be able to compete for new contracts,’ he added.

The governor stresses that ‘while performing the main tasks, it is also necessary for them to think about other common goods that will be in demand both at home and abroad’.

‘We have no doubts that your visit will give an additional impetus for the growth of our companies,’ he summed up.

Sergey Sakhnenko praised the considerable potential of the regional enterprises, their current state, as well as the urban welfare development.

‘We follow the situation in the regions and are aware that the Penza region is leading in agricultural produce, there is a large industrial fund, and the industry managers are doing their job conscientiously,’ he said.

Sergey Sakhnenko also stressed the greater role currently attributed to diversifying the production.

‘According to the presidentially approved development strategy, the general growth rate should reach 17% a year and the growth in electronics sector has to reach even more ambitious figures – 22.5%. The companies not only have to increase the output, but to have a 50/50 ratio of civil and defense manufacture,’ said he.

Sergey Sakhnenko also presented the complex projects that may be implemented in the Penza region. The projects ‘Safe City’ and ‘Smart City’ include the subsystems of monitoring the forest fires, the environmental profile, also the systems of video surveillance and emergency response, and some others.

The working group will be created for evaluating the possibility of implementing these projects. The group will include both the professionals of the related ministries and the ‘ROSTEC’ specialists.

Ivan Belozertsev laid emphasis on integrating the existing regional systems of monitoring and emergency response into the new project.