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Ivan Belozertsev led a delegation from Penza region at a congress of “United Russia”
Ivan Belozertsev led a delegation from Penza region at a congress of “United Russia”
Society 27.11.2019

The XIX Congress of the All-Russian Political Party “United Russia” took place in Moscow on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019.

It was devoted to the issues of party building, analyzing the election of 2019 and preparing for the upcoming elections, in particular, to the State Duma in 2021.

In 2020, it is planned to carry out 74 campaigns in 48 regions. There will be elected 14 governors, 11 legislative assemblies, 24 municipal dumas. Besides, there will be conducted 24 election campaigns to vote for deputies to local self-government bodies.

Commenting on the party forum, Ivan Belozertsev emphasized the messages by the President of Russia.

“Vladimir Putin highlighted the importance of party members’ communication with people. “The criterion of political party’s performance is public opinion”, said the President of Russia. All party members holding positions must remember about it”, noted the Governor.

The Head of the region spoke about a speech by the party chairman – Prime Minister of the Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev, covering the issues of national project implementation and the part of “United Russia’s” members in this process.

“The party, especially in the regions, must actively assist the implementation of national projects. In Penza region, in particular, within the “Healthcare” national project, 13 new paramedic and obstetric stations are going to be put into operation this year – they will function for people. The ‘District teacher” and “District doctor” projects are very important for us. We are working with university graduates who can be a part of these projects. This will increase the level and quality of education and medicine in rural areas”, said the Head of the region.

“It is pleasant that our fellow-townsmen Nikolay Kuzyakov and Maria Lvova-Belova were handed party membership tickets today. Maria spoke about the “New shores” project. We have to invest more in supporting people with physical challenges, in an accessible environment. We still do not always completely solve problems in this field. Therefore, I think, together with the party the region has to think about possibilities of initiating a regional program providing funds to solve problems of wheelchair-bound invalid residing on top floors, especially in old houses without elevators, to enable people to exit their apartments”, summarized Ivan Belozertsev.

He reported that in 2020, according to a party project “Children sport”, it is planned to build an outdoor sport and recreation complex in Kuznetsk and an indoor sport complex in Kamenka of Penza region. The federal budget will assign 127 million rubles to build these facilities.