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XIV International Penza-Israel Competition in Java Programming Finished
XIV International Penza-Israel Competition in Java Programming Finished
Society 18.05.2020

The competition was attended by nine students from the Penza Oblast who were selected at preliminary competitions in the second half of the 2019-2020 school year, and 21 students from the city of Beersheba and the village of Oranit, Israel.

Participants were asked to solve two problems in two clock hours. Having gained the maximum number of points, Daniil Muravlyov of school No. 12 named after V. Tarasov (Penza) took the first place.

The second place went to Aleksey Pugachyovof  Lyceum 21 (Kuznetsk, Penza Oblast) and the third place was taken by people who scored the same number of points, those were: Dmitry Kulakov (M. Lermontov school), ArsenyKuznetsov (Lyceum 21, Kuznetsk), Vladimir Yermolenko (AMIT Beersheba) and ShovalSimchi (AMIT Beersheba).

The winner and prize-winners will be awarded with diplomas of the Penza Oblast Ministry of Education. All the other participants will be awarded personal certificates of participants of the final tour.

Denis Novikov (family training), who achieved good results at the competition, will receive a diploma for participation.

Teachers who prepared the competition's winner and prize-winners will be awarded the gratitude of the Penza Oblast Institute of Regional Development rector.

Note: the competition is held as part of the implementation of the educational technology "Computer science", which has been carried out in the Penza Oblast since 2010. About 50 schools in the region, with 1,273 students, participate in the implementation of educational technology.

The project was supported by the Penza Oblast Governor Ivan Belozertsev: he initiated the publishing and donating to schools textbooks "Computer Science. Learning the Java Programming Language" in three parts, developed by Igor Yemelyanov, the head-teacher of the school of Lenino settlement, computer science teacher and head of the Penza Regional Home Study School of Programming.