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"Healthcare" National Project: Penza Oncologists Successfully Implement Worldwide Known Treatment Method
"Healthcare" National Project: Penza Oncologists Successfully Implement Worldwide Known Treatment Method
Society 31.07.2020

"Healthcare" national project, which is being implemented on the initiative of the President, has a task to reduce mortality from cancer.

Surgeons of the Penza Regional Oncological Dispensary have for the first time applied a new breakthrough diagnostic technique for further treatment of breast cancer and skin melanoma.

One of the patients underwent a biopsy of signaling lymph nodes.

 "Breast cancer is increasingly diagnosed at its early stages, when the tumor has not yet metastasised and has not affected the lymph nodes," explains Anton Stolyarov, Penza Regional Cancer Dispensary acting deputy chief doctor for diagnostics and radiology. "For such patients, it is absolutely unreasonable to carry out the "classic" removal of an organ with all the lymph nodes, so this procedure is a crippling one."

Previously, it was considered standard practice to remove all breast tissue, lymph nodes, and even muscles. Thanks to modern achievements in surgical oncology, operations that allow not only to preserve the mammary gland, but also the lymph nodes are now performed.

The method of signal (sentinel) lymph nodes biopsy preserves the axillary lymph nodes and helps avoid crippling complications such as restriction of arm mobility.

 "The sentinel lymph node biopsy is one of the modern methods of early diagnosis of metastasis, which helps to accurately assess the situation with early metastasis and choose the best way of therapy, - Anton Stolyarov says. "The essence of the technique is to determine the state of the axillary lymph nodes, to find and carry out a survey of the patrol lymph node that is first in the path of lymph flow. If there are no metastases found in it, then there is a high probability that they will not occur in the entire regional reservoir. This kind of picture will help make up tactics of further surgical intervention".

The technique of signal (sentinel) lymph node biopsy is recognised worldwide and is the standard of surgical treatment of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC).

The implementation of this technique in the Penza Regional Cancer Dispensary has created an opportunity for the development of new high-tech medical care. It is planned that about 300 organ-preserving oncoplastic surgeries will be performed per year.

Photo credit to the Penza Oblast Health Ministry