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Burdenko Regional Hospital Receives 5 More Lung Ventilators
Burdenko Regional Hospital Receives 5 More Lung Ventilators
Society 16.11.2020

Thanks to a Saransk entrepreneur, The N. Burdenko Penza Regional Clinical Hospital received 5 new Savina lung ventilators made in Germany.

Despite the difficult conditions associated with the shipment from Germany, the supplier found an opportunity to deliver vital expensive medical equipment to Penza.

The devices, worth more than 1.8 million rubles each, were purchased at the expense of the federal budget as part of the medical institutions preparation to treat patients with a new coronavirus infection.

New lung ventilators provide modern methods of supporting respiratory functions in patients of any clinical condition.

Functional features of Savina devices help reduce the time of artificial ventilation, quicken the weaning, avoid repeated intubation and reduce the likelihood of complications caused by intubation.

Burdenko Regional Hospital is currently equipped with 75 ventilators.

The arrival of a new batch has become another major help for doctors who continue fighting the new coronavirus infection, saving the lives and health of the Penza Oblast residents.

Photo credit to the Penza Oblast Health Ministry