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Ivan Belozertsev took part in the meeting of the State Council of the Russian Federation
     Ivan Belozertsev took part in the meeting of the State Council of the Russian Federation
Society 28.12.2017
The issue of investment attractiveness of the regions as the basis for the economic development of the Russian Federation was considered under the chairmanship of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Wednesday, December 27, 2017.
The Penza region is noted among the 23 leading entities that implemented target models in this area by more than 90%, as of today this indicator is 95%.
The Penza region became one of the nine regions of Russia, where it was confirmed that the indicator for the approval of urban design standards in all urban districts and settlements was confirmed. Penza region is also among the 17 regions in which programs for the integrated development of communal infrastructure systems have been adopted, and among the 3 regions in which programs for the integrated development of social infrastructure have been adopted.
Also, the Penza region is included in the number of 8 regions, where land use and development rules comply with the requirements of the law, is among the 13 regions where the terms for granting services for obtaining a building permit have been shortened. And, in addition, the region is named among 9 regions in which for residential objects of capital construction the administrative regulations set a period of 30 days.
At the proper level, we have set up work to connect facilities to heat supply systems, centralized water supply and sanitation systems, to electric networks and gas distribution sources.
"The above-mentioned targets are the basis for an objective assessment of the investment climate in the region," - Ivan Belozertsev commented, anticipating the consideration of the topic.
"They testify to how comfortable is the investor to conduct business in the Penza region - how quickly we can solve the issues with the necessary documentation when creating a new enterprise, connecting the facility to the engineering infrastructure. The decision of the investor depends on this - whether he will organize business in the Penza land, whether it will expand production. Our task is to work so that these decisions are made in favor of the Penza region, " - he stressed.
At the meeting of the State Council of the Russian Federation in the Kremlin, an increase in the investment attractiveness of the regions, the formation of comfortable conditions for opening and running businesses, for launching new industries was identified as a key area of ​​activity. And creating new jobs, raising real wages and incomes of citizens is an important priority.
"Increasing investment and entrepreneurial activity is certainly an economic task, it is the basis for economic growth and strengthening of the income tax base of the regions, but this is also a political task in the full sense of the word. Because it creates real resources, increases resources for the development of health care, education, the social sphere as a whole, for the implementation of programs for improvement of the urban environment, the implementation of ecological projects, "- Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his speech.