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The governor and SIMEM CEO initiated a new stage in the development of a major investment project
The governor and SIMEM CEO initiated a new stage in the development of a major investment project
Society 14.01.2018

The event was held at Betonium integrated house-building factory in Penza on Friday, January 12, 2018.

New production is launched within the joint Russian-Italian project. The final product will be the energy-efficient houses of diverse architecture and low cost-price.

To date, all necessary production facilities have been prepared, modern equipment has been delivered. The characteristic feature of the enterprise is that it has a constructed railway track at its premises that enables reliable supply of materials.

The governor of the region noted the demand for the company’s products not only in the Penza region, but also across the country.

“This is the most advanced panel house-building factory in Russia, which will produce more than 200 thousand square meters of housing per year,” Ivan Belozertsev stated.

“I am confident that we will fully supply the market both in the Penza region and in neighboring regions. The company is already exploring options for the supply of residential buildings in other constituent entities of the Russian Federation,” he added.

The governor reported that the volume of mortgage lending in the Penza region for 2017 increased by 25 – 27% compared to 2016.

“This indicates that demand is rising, people have the opportunity to buy residential property,” he commented.

The chief executive of the region highlighted that the project was the result of close collaboration with foreign investors.

“Penza delegation visited Italy, we dealt with the equipment delivery. The climate for our work was highly favorable, as they not only presented their enterprise, but also organised work in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of their region,” Ivan Belozertsev remarked.

SIMEM CEO Michele Furlani expressed his intention to further attract Italian companies to work in the Penza region.

“We highly appreciated that regional policy makers stand shoulder to shoulder with businessmen. We do not have such support when the governor visits the company, knows what it produces, and has first-hand knowledge of the problems,” the company CEO noted.

“Therefore, this creates a business-friendly environment. We view the present and the future with confidence. We plan to enter the Penza investment market and to invite our Italian colleagues, because the conditions offered here are perfect,” he stressed.

Michele Furlani also acknowledged the effective work of the Penza partner – Betonium LLC.

“We have met successful and interesting businessmen who understand that the future of their enterprises should be based on advanced modern technologies,” he said.

Ivan Belozertsev, together with the Italian company CEO, inspected the workshops and production sites, and also figuratively launched the assembly work on installing new equipment.

As Betonium LLC CEO Sergei Papshev reported, it is scheduled to put the equipment into operation in April, while a number of new production lines – in July-August this year.