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Ivan Belozertsev proposes constructing dairy complex in Maloserdobinsky sub-district
Ivan Belozertsev proposes constructing dairy complex in Maloserdobinsky sub-district
Society 26.01.2018

The governor expressed the commitment to support the development of dairy farming during his visit to the new grain drying complex with a capacity of 100 tons per shift in Malaya Serdoba on Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

The production of cereals, leguminous crops and oil seeds, as well as wholesale of grain and transportation, is the core activities of AgroPlatinum LLC. The enterprise operates in Maloserdobinsky, Penzensky and Lopatinsky sub-districts. The average number of jobs is more than 200, and this number increases depending on seasonal work. The average salary of employees is about 20 thousand rubles.

The area available for farming is 48847 hectares, while arable land area is 45145 hectares. The agricultural equipment includes 46 tractors, 24 motor vehicles, 16 combine harvesters, and a unit of tillage combines. In 2016, 2 warehouses were constructed. In the current year, it is planned to build an additional warehouse with a storage capacity of 5 thousand tons.

At present, the construction of a mechanical current facility with a capacity of 100 tons per day has begun. It is planned to set a grain dryer with a capacity of 50 tons per day.

During the meeting with AgroPlatinum LLC CEO Ahmed Sultanov, the governor of the Penza region welcomed the prospects of production and proposed mastering a new line of activity, i.e. to build a large dairy complex in Maloserdobinsky sub-district on the basis of available production facilities.

“We do not have enough milk. Hochland Company purchased a cheese production plant in Belinsky sub-district, the company intends to develop this enterprise. The demand for milk will increase in the Penza region,” Ivan Belozertsev reported.

“If you restore dairy cattle husbandry in the sub-district and manage processing of this product, it will be great. Thus, I am ready to help, both at the stages of production development and distribution of finished products. In the Penza region, there are several state support programs, and the federal retail networks work well in the region. The logistics center of Magnit network functions, so that the supply to other Russian regions can be arranged through it,” he explained.

The enterprise CEO agreed with the proposal of the governor to develop an investment project and to submit it to the government of the region.

“We have land, people, resources, we will try to think everything over and prepare a project. We are ready to work to that end,” the entrepreneur stated.