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Penza to train surgeons of the future
Penza to train surgeons of the future
Society 14.03.2018

Rameev Technology Park in Penza will become a platform for training Russian doctors capable of operating a surgical robot. In the regional centre, its pilot prototype carried out a unique operation to excise a cyst of Rosa the Pig.

Experts consider the surgery performed in Penza on 7 March as a breakthrough in Russian medicine. For the first time ever, a surgeon manipulating a robot operated inside a living organism. The robot performed all interventions with mathematical precision, correcting the movements of a person.

The first operation of the Russian surgical robot (Robomed) was judged a success. The pig feels good, as the medical intervention was minimally invasive and bloodless.

According to experts, the Russian Robomed is lighter, smaller and cheaper than the American da Vinci surgical system. It allows performing operations on almost all organs and tissues.

It is significant that this robot was not only made by Russian scientists, but also all its components are manufactured in Russia that is a vivid example of import substitution.

At present there is only one prototype. Following the successful surgery on the animal, the creation of three simulation devices for training specialists is planned for the near future.

After the tour of Rameev Technology Park, the developers specified that they were satisfied both with the site for robot testing and the available technology park facilities for training specialists to manipulate the created robot. Thus, it is intended that the final stage of training will be held in Penza. This will attract doctors from all over the country to the region.

Commenting on the landmark event for Russian medicine, Ivan Belozertsev emphasised that the region is ready to become a platform for training surgeons of the future.

“Undoubtedly, the operation conducted in Penza is the new contribution of our healthcare to the high-tech future. It is no coincidence that this contribution was made in our region where the biomedical cluster is progressing well. We devote great attention to training and advanced training of doctors, so that the new technology will open up new horizons,” the governor of the Penza region noted.