Official portal of the Government of the Penza region
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Governor of the Penza region
Ivan Aleksandrovich Belozertsev
Governor of the Penza region

Dear countrymen and guests of the Penza Region!

I cordially welcome you on the official website of the government of the Penza Region! Our picturesque and hospitable region is located in the centre of European Russia. It has centuries-long history and rich cultural traditions. At all times, Penza people contributed to reinforcing Russian statehood, developing industrial and agricultural capacities, strengthening defence capabilities of our state, and promoting spiritual and moral values of our nation. We take great pride in the legacy of great compatriots and the uniqueness of the Penza Region culture. Located in our region, Tarkhany was the estate where the Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov was brought up. Some outstanding thinkers are associated with the Penza Region; they are Alexander Radishchev, Mikhail Zagoskin, Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, Vissarion Belinsky, Nikolai Leskov, and Alexander Kuprin. The world-famous silent-movie actor Ivan Mosjoukine and the acclaimed director Vsevolod Meyerhold are the natives of the Penza Region. Our compatriots are the great scientists and inventors who made scientific discoveries in the fields of physics and chemistry, medicine and biology, technical disciplines and the humanities. The legacy of Pavel Yablochkov, Nikolay Beketov, Ivan Sprygin and Vasily Klyuchevsky is still a source of inspiration for the researchers.

Dear friends!

The challenge today is to preserve and to enrich the finest traditions of the past, to move forward. In recent years, the agricultural sector has become a landmark of the region. We occupy the leading positions in the sphere of agricultural production in the territory of the Volga Federal District and the Russian Federation. The Penza region has the industrial specialisation in producing a wide range of equipment for key sectors of Russian economy; they are power, transport, oil and gas industries, and machine building. Our research institutes work in the space industry, produce high-tech products for biomedical clusters, and win the market of IT products. We are open to new investors. We are working on improving the engineering infrastructure, advancing the transport network, providing tax incentives. Promoting social, economic and cultural development, supporting civil society institutions, enhancing general education level, providing high-quality medical care and security in the region are the focus areas of our work for the benefit of all citizens.

Together we will greatly increase welfare of the Penza Region!

Governor of the Penza Region
Ivan Belozertsev