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Penza Entrepreneurs Can Take Part in Growth Programme
Penza Entrepreneurs Can Take Part in Growth Programme
Economy 16.02.2021

The Penza Region Entrepreneurship Support Fund, together with the Regional Ministry of Economy, selects applications from small and medium-sized businesses wishing to participate in the Corporation MSP growth programme until February 28, 2021.

Participation is completely free.

The purpose of the growth programme is to provide financial, property, information, marketing and other assistance to small and medium-sized businesses in order to stimulate their development as suppliers (performers, contractors) in the procurement of goods, works, and services by customers identified by the Government of the Russian Federation in accordance with Federal Law No. 223-FZ dating 18.07.2011 "On the Procurement of Goods, Works, and Services by Certain Types of Legal Entities".

Participation in growth events will allow business entities to:

Identify growth points and promote and develop their own services, increase the competitiveness of their products, and find new sources of sales.

Optimise the production system and reduce costs.

Expand and modernise production, purchase new equipment, and gain access to financial and material resources.

Reach the level of large customers' qualified suppliers.

Any business entity of the manufacturing sector registered in the Penza Oblast can participate in the growth activities and receive support.