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Penza region was voted winner of a competition within a national project
Penza region was voted winner of a competition within a national project
Society 15.08.2019

The Governor Ivan Belozertsev announced this news on Thursday, August 8th, 2019.

“The Ministry of Education of Russia disclosed the results of a competition among Russian regions carried out within the “Education” national project. Penza region is the winner in 4 sections of the national project for 2020-2022”, informed the Head of the region.

Resulting from the “Modern School” project, four educational institutions delivering adaptive programs will be able to purchase modern equipment for shop classes.

“In 2020, 35 high schools in rural area recognized as “Growing points” – centers of digital, natural scientific, engineering and humanitarian education – will be equipped with up-to-date interactive, computer and educational facilities, as well as quadcopters and VR systems”, added the Governor.

He also revealed that in the outcome of the “Success of each child” project in 2020-2021 there would be created two mobile quantoriums and equipped a Center for talented children discovering and supporting that would start functioning in September 2019. In the center, children will be trained at 3 programs: science, arts and sports.

The greatest number of participants in 2020-2021 will be in the “Digital educational environment” project: during 2 years, 114 high schools will obtain modern equipment.

There will be created and equipped three IT-clubs, the main goal of which is to promote competences in the field of information technologies among the rising generation, artificial intelligence, programming and administration.

Within the “Young professionals” project in 2021 there will be established a Center of advanced vocational training – the grounds for accelerated vocational training of all groups of people in the most demanded, new and promising jobs and competences at the level corresponding to the Wordskills standards.

“Under the previously signed agreements with the Ministry of Education of Russia for 2019-2021 on implementation of the “Education” national project the region has received over a billion of rubles. Successful results on the competition will significantly increase this sum and will make it possible to develop target sectors even more efficiently”, summarized Ivan Belozertsev.