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Acting Governor Announced New Programme to Repair Socially Significant Places in Rural Areas
Acting Governor Announced New Programme to Repair Socially Significant Places in Rural Areas
Society 29.06.2021

Additional funds will be allocated for the reconstruction of the library and leisure centre, school and nursery school in the Narovchatsky district by Oleg Melnichenko's order. The acting head of the region announced these decisions during his working trip on Friday, June 25, 2021.

The library and leisure centre is a branch of the municipal cultural institution "Centre for Cultural Development" of the Narovchatsky district of the Penza Oblast working since 1975. There have been organised 7 clubs with 80 participants in total.

Today, the building of the library and leisure centre requires major renovation, as well as the school in the village of Skanovo, where 38 children study and 9 teachers work.

"Adjust the design and estimate documentation as soon as possible, we need to take this under strict control, and if you can prepare the documents quickly, then we will include these two sites in the repair plan for this year," Oleg Melnichenko commanded.

"I think that this year we will be able to cover the roof of the club building in the village of Potodeyevo and to make repairs there," he said. "In Skanovo, we need to take care of the school urgently; its roof also needs repairs. And the entrance and the windows are also in awful state."

As far as the nursery school No. 2 "Sunny" in Narovchat is concerned, the acting governor ordered to work out options for carrying out repair work there.

"Apparently, we will leave it for 2022, because now we do not have enough time – the design and estimate documentation is more than three years old, it needs to be adjusted," Oleg Melnichenko said.

"In general, the problems in the Narovchatsky district are the same as in many other municipalities. I think that beginning from next year we will launch a regional programme and will consistently repair socially significant institutions. First of all, schools and kindergartens are the places that are often used by the population," he stressed.

The acting head of the Penza Oblast also added that a whole package of documents on joining into infrastructure projects is currently being prepared. Those projects include a network of municipal roads and a number of other sites.

"We will actively join federal programmes. We have every chance to attract significant federal funds and starting next year, we will start serious work on roads, modernisation of water supply systems and a number of socially important facilities," Oleg Melnichenko summed up.