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“Rameev” technopark will host a conference in digital technologies
“Rameev” technopark will host a conference in digital technologies
Economy 29.08.2019

Industrial enterprises and companies of the innovation infrastructure are welcome to participate in a conference “SIEMENS modern solutions in automation and digitization for industrial companies”. The event will be held on August 29th in “Rameev” technopark.

During the conference the participants will get familiar with cutting-edge technologies and learn about latest products of SIEMENS and leasing instruments of “Siemens Finance”. The organizers will give the participants an opportunity to discuss topical issues with speakers during a coffee break and a stand-up meal.

At the main session the speakers will cover the following topics:

- SIEMENS solutions for automation and digitization of enterprises. Industry 4.0; 

- leasing solutions from “Siemens Finance”;

- power resource management solutions for industrial enterprises;

- a joint financing program from the Foundation for Industrial Development and “Siemens Finance”.

Contact information: Tulupova Darya Vladimirovna – senior account manager of “Siemens Finance”. Tel.: +7 987 910 07 26. Email:

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