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Ivan Belozertsev took part in a meeting of the Government Commission on Regional Development of the Russian Federation
Ivan Belozertsev took part in a meeting of the Government Commission on Regional Development of the Russian Federation
Economy 05.11.2019

On Friday, November 1st, 2019, some issues of inter-budgetary relations inter alia were considered in Moscow, in the House of the Government of the Russian Federation.

The meeting was chaired by Vitaliy Mutko, Deputy Head of the Russian Government. One of the main topics was the balance of budgetary systems of the federal center and the regions.

Regarding Penza region, at the moment, it is fair to ascertain the completion of the items of the Agreement on measures of socioeconomic development and improvement of state finances of the region, signed by the regional government and the Ministry of Finances of Russia.

Among the commitments undertaken for the last period, the increase of tax and non-tax revenues to the regional consolidated budget was fulfilled and overfulfilled. In particular, in 2017, the increase was 7 % (whereas the commitment undertaken was by 4,7%), in 2018 – by 5,9% (the commitment  - by 2,4%). Commenting on the subject matter, Governor Ivan Belozertsev reminded about it.

“The volume of investments to the fixed capital of Penza region increased. In 2018 – by 26,6 %, under the commitment of 3,6%”, specified the Head of the regional executive power.

“In 2017, the share of the average number of employees at small and medium enterprises in the total number of employed population grew 1,8%, under the commitment of 0,2%, in 2018 - 0,2%, as stipulated by the Agreement”, he added mentioning a decrease of the number of unemployed also achieved in the region and provided for by the said document.

As per the current year, according to Ivan Belozertsev, the completion of the commitments provided for the by the corresponding Agreement can also be ascertained. After 9 months of 2019, they have been fulfilled, including the tax concession efficiency evaluation. The evaluation results have been submitted to the Ministry of Finances of Russia.

Besides, according to the results of 2017-2018, the commitments of Penza region regarding the budget deficit provision below 10% were fulfilled – within the last two years, the regional budget was implemented with a surplus. As for restricting the level of state debt of the region, its amount has been gradually decreasing for the last 4 years.