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Rusmolco First Set of Buildings Put into Operation in Penza Oblast
Rusmolco First Set of Buildings Put into Operation in Penza Oblast
Economy 16.03.2020

A large-scale event was held in Serdobsky district on Thursday, March 5, 2020.

The construction of the Rusmolсo dairy complex (a subsidiary of the international food production holding Olam International) for 5 200 dairy cattle heads is being carried out as part of an investment programme worth 4.5 billion rubles.

This state-of-the-art project is the largest in Russia and one of the largest in Europe.

 "I't a great event for us that the Rusmolсo company is implementing its project in Serdobsky district," - the Governor said. "I'd like to note that the Rusmolco total investment volume in the regional economy over the past 5 years has exceeded 16 billion rubles. The company employs more than 1 300 people. This is our largest investor, and the company has great prospects for development."

 "We find it important when people have the opportunity to work in good conditions and get a good salary," - Ivan Belozertsev stated. "Thanks to the management and staff of the Russian Dairy Company for their help in developing the region".

Ivan Belozertsev awarded the 1st class order "For Merit to the Penza Oblast" to Vladimir Reznichenko, the Rusmolco Deputy Director General, the honorary badge of the Governor of the Penza Oblast "In Glory of the Penza Oblast" to Sumanta Kumar De, Rusmolco Director General, and also Certificates of Merit and Govenor's Letters of Acknowledgement to the company's management, builders and employees.

Dmitry Butusov, Director of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Breeding of the RF Ministry of Agriculture, noted that dairy farming is one of the priorities in the development of agriculture, so the launch of a new dairy complex in Serdobsk is important not only for the Penza Oblast, but also for the entire domestic agricultural industry.

 "The region's indices in gross milk production have grown by 11% over 5 years, and there is great potential. We must work for the medium and long-term perspective and try to adapt to foreign markets," the head of the Federal Department said.

Sumanta Kumar De, General Director of Rusmolco management company, thanked the Penza Oblast Government for its assistance in implementing investment projects.

 "The region has a friendly government that supports us as well as an affordable labour and education market and a good agricultural area," he said.

The Rusmolco project in Serdobsky district is designed for more than 8 000 heads of cattle. The complex consists of 7 cowsheds, 4 calf-sheds, a milking and dairy block with two carousel milking parlours.

The complex has a feed storage facility and silo-haylage trenches for storing the feed stock, as well as other infrastructure that ensures its activity.

Today the total number of cattle in the complex is 5 000, and the daily milk yield is about 40 tons of raw milk. The company employs 197 people.

All production processes are integrated into a single information system that allows continuous monitoring of all types of technological work. Advanced technologies of hygiene and sanitary-epidemiological safety have been introduced, and environmental requirements are met.

 "The emergence of the new Rusmolco dairy complex in the Penza Oblast is an important event for Russian dairy farming. We plan to continue implementing the investment programme, according to which the dairy complex in Serdobsk will be expanded to 7 200 heads of dairy herd by 2021," Sumanta Kumar De explained.

The extension provides for the construction of 2 cowsheds for the dairy herd and premises for calves. As a result the total population of Rusmolco will exceed 16 000 animals, and milk production will increase to 250 tons per day. The company will create more than 350 jobs.