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Vladimir Yakushev Noted Efficiency of Government and Private Construction Companies' Cooperation in Penza Oblast
Vladimir Yakushev Noted Efficiency of Government and Private Construction Companies' Cooperation in Penza Oblast
Economy 09.09.2020

The head of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation said this after visiting the construction site of a children's outpatient hospital in Sputnik on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

In 2019 the region joined the implementation of the "Housing" federal project, which is a part of the "Housing and Urban Environment" national project. Thanks to this, a school for 800 pupils was built in the Arbekovo microdistrict.

The construction of a children's outpatient hospital for 500 visits per shift with a 15-bed day hospital in Sputnik has been planned for 2020 and is now underway. The total area of the building is 5933.8 sq. m. metres. The hospital will have four floors.

Electrotherapy and physical therapy departments, a department catering for healthy children, as well as one for school and pre-school children, are to be opened. The project provides offices for medical specialists, as well as for  functional and X-ray diagnostics.

The construction of the facility will solve the problem of waiting lists for pediatricians in an adult outpatient hospital, separate healthy and sick children, and increase the availability of medical care for residents of Sputnik and the residential neighbourhood of Ternovka.

After inspecting the facility and summing up the work trip to the Penza Oblast, the Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services noted the efficiency of government and private construction companies' cooperation, with the Penza Oblast as an example.

 "We have visited many facilities today. Perhaps one of the main areas worth paying attention is comprehensive development. In the microdistricts that we have seen, in addition to the fact that quite good houses are being built there, a very comfortable environment, as well as good quality landscaping and social infrastructure are being created. And I must say that it is the comprehensive development that shows public-private partnership in its purest form," Vladimir Yakushev explained.

 "Now we are in one of the microdistricts - the Sputnik neighbourhood. As we can see, construction is quite quick here, and about a million square meters are already built. At the same time the developer actively invests its own funds in social infrastructure, with federal and regional budgets present helping to improve the neighbourhood. And, accordingly, social facilities, such as outpatient hospitals, schools and nursery schools are built for the federal and regional budgets. This practice is very well managed in the Penza Oblast by regional and municipal teams. This can be recommended to other regions of the Russian Federation today," the Minister said, adding that the level of projects and their development in the Penza Oblast is quite high.

The Governor explained that work on creating a comfortable urban environment is currently underway not only in Penza, but also at all municipal territories.

 "You know that we have started implementing these projects in the Penza Oblast towns and districts. Financial resources are being allocated and good projects are being made. The appearance of towns and districts is changing for the better, people are grateful for this," Ivan Belozertsev commented.

 "But this is only the first step we have taken. We will go on working on it actively in the following years" he said.

As part of the implementation of the federal project, 87.1 thousand square meters of housing must be put into operation on the territory of the Zasechnoye village council, which includes the Sputnik. The list of houses planned for commissioning has been made, and the progress of construction has been put under weekly control.

To date, houses with a total area of 34.5 thousand square meters have been put into operation, which is 40% of the plan. The target will be met by the end of the year.