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Electronic and Electrical Equipment Production Launched in Serdobsk
Electronic and Electrical Equipment Production Launched in Serdobsk
Economy 09.02.2021

On Friday, January 29, 2021, Ivan Belozertsev congratulated representatives of the Prettl-SK company, which is a resident of the Priority Social and Economic Development Area (PSEDA) of Serdobsk, on this important event.

Having concluded an agreement on the implementation of the company's activities on the Serdobsk Priority Social and Economic Development Area in November 2020, Prettl-SK received the status of a PSEDA resident.

The company was granted a number of tax preferences. The company manufactures cable and harness products.

About 3 million rubles were invested in the purchase of equipment for the new production. The total investment volume is about 42 million rubles.

The Governor called the launch of production a significant event for the Serdobsky district.

 "The task of the regional and municipal authorities is to create all conditions to open new jobs and to attract investors to the Penza Oblast. They are usually happy to come to work in the agricultural sector, because it is developing at a good pace. But it is very important to develop other areas too," Ivan Belozertsev stressed.

 "I would like to sincerely thank my colleagues - representatives of the company, with whom we negotiated. They have repeatedly come to the Penza Oblast to consider various options for creating an enterprise in our region. Of course, we paid attention to the Serdobsky district, because there are conditions for work here – there is a Priority Social and Economic Development Area. We have also created preferences for the company. We offered to use and create enterprises in other towns and districts of the region, including Penza, but they chose Serdobsk. I see that they were not mistaken, because Serdobsk has a history of machine-building development," the Governor explained.

According to him, at present, together with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the management of KAMAZ, a number of areas of the former Serdobsky machine-building plant are being restored. The volume of investments over two years is half a billion rubles.

 "We do this so the residents can start working on this territory, including those cooperating with KAMAZ. We want them to produce the appropriate products that would be in demand not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad," the Governor explained.

 "What we see today is already a great success, an achievement. It's nice to see and realise that the representatives of this company are people of their word. They promised to create an enterprise, and they did it. I am ready to support you in the development of your production in the future," Ivan Belozertsev said.

Oleg Polyak, the head of the Prettl-SK on behalf of the employees and all Serdobsk citizens thanked the region's and the town's authorities for the assistance provided to the company.

 "The support and hearty welcome played a significant role in choosing the location for the launching of production. The result is the joint work of all," the head of the enterprise claimed.

 "By the end of the year, international certification will be obtained, which will allow us to conclude contracts for the supply of products with large foreign companies," he informed.

At the moment, more than 35 jobs have been created. In the coming months, their number will be increased to one hundred.

The implementation of the new project will increase the investment attractiveness of the Serdobsky district, strengthen the economy of the municipality and make it more diverse.

Ivan Belozertsev instructed to organise cooperation of the new enterprise with general and specialised educational institutions, starting with a guided tour for schoolchildren and students, providing young people with temporary employment opportunities, and helping young professionals who are willing to work in the company permanently.