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School 74 New Building Opened in Penza
School 74 New Building Opened in Penza
Society 14.10.2020

The Governor took part in the ceremony on Saturday, October 3, 2020.

The school is located in the Ekokvartal neighbourhood, Distant Arbekovo.  The modern building can accommodate 1,100 people.

 "I am always happy when new schools and nursery schools are opened," the Governor said, addressing the participants and guests of the event.

 "This facility was built with the RF President Vladimir Putin's support, as part of the "Education" national project. The building was constructed using state-of-the-art technologies. Excellent teaching staff has been employed. There are conditions for getting a decent education and raising children," Ivan Belozertsev noted.

The school has three computer classes and a robotics room, an assembly hall with a large screen, a projector and sound equipment, two gyms, a choreography hall, technology rooms for boys and girls, a large library complex with a reading room, game rooms for primary school students, a spacious dining room and a medical unit.

In total, over the past three years, 3 new schools and 11 nursery schools have been built in the Penza Oblast as part of the "Demography" and "Education" national projects, and over the past five years – 8 and 28, respectively, all at the expense of budget funds at different levels.

As part of the regional capital repair programme, 107 schools and 21 nursery schools were renovated in 2018-2020.

The newly opened educational institution is to implement additional education programmes and give football, volleyball, basketball and athletics classes. It is planned to host classes in vocal, as well as playing the wind and percussion instruments, electric guitar and piano.

Ivan Belozertsev gifted the educational institution a certificate for computer class new equipment. Managers and employees of construction organisations were awarded certificates of honour and commendations of the Penza Oblast Governor.

During the inspection of the new facility's premises, the head of the region talked with teachers, parents and students, assessed the material and technical base of the newly constructed school building. He paid special attention to the robotics class.

 "This is a rare case when the robotics teacher is a woman. The fact that your students succeed in competitions and win them is great. It is important to involve as many children as possible in this activity", - the Governor said in a conversation with the teacher.

The school will become a socio-cultural centre for all the neighbourhood residents. Sports competitions, cultural events, and holidays for children and parents will be held here.