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Penza Oblast Third in Russia in Poultry Production
Penza Oblast Third in Russia in Poultry Production
Society 29.03.2021

In his interview for the Vestnik APK industry outlet Dmitry Butusov, Director of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Breeding of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, noted the development of meat production in the country.

At the end of last year, Russia became one of the five largest meat producers, having increased its volume in live weight by 3.1% to 15.6 million tons and having increased milk production by 2.7% to 32.2 million tons. This growth was possible thanks to, among other reasons, measures of state support for agricultural producers. The Russian agro-industrial complex is developing step by step in all key areas, including the livestock industry, where the production of livestock and poultry, milk, pig products and the number of large and small cattle are steadily increasing. It is facilitated by state support measures, including those aimed at technological modernisation, implementation of investment projects, and highly productive cattle strains breeding.

So, according to the last year's output, Russia entered the top five leaders in meat production in the world. The Penza Oblast is a region where this field is developing quite quickly. The region is among the leaders in the country.

Official information says that in 2020 large agricultural organisations of the Penza Oblast produced 387.3 thousand tons of livestock and poultry for slaughter, so the region was ahead of all the Volga Federal District administrative units and took the 8th place in the country.

The Penza Oblast took the first place in the Volga Federal District and the third in Russia thanks to its large agricultural organisations producing poultry. Last year, they produced 320.4 thousand tons.

Penza agricultural organisations took the 4th place in the Volga Federal District and the 18th place in Russia for pork production, with 61.6 thousand tons in 2020.

Current state support measures are also aimed at achieving high results in the industry. In the Penza Oblast, the livestock industry is supported as part of the partial reimbursement of the costs to support domestic milk production, to agricultural producers for them to pay the insurance premium accrued under the contract of agricultural insurance in the field of animal husbandry, as part of subsidies to support livestock breeding. The industry is supported by grants for the development of family farms and the "Agroprogress" grant, the grant for the development of the material and technical base of agricultural consumer cooperatives and the "Agrostartap" grant. Farmers are also provided with subsidies to partial reimburse the costs per head of the increased number of dairy cows and subsidies to support agricultural consumer cooperatives. Agricultural producers can take advantage of preferential short-term and investment loans. They are also provided with subsidies for the development of dairy cattle breeding, production of edible eggs, meat cattle breeding, and partial reimbursement of the costs of purchasing equipment for the production, slaughter and processing of poultry meat.

Press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Penza Oblast