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Acting Governor Instructs to Develop Set of Measures to Improve Demographic Situation
Acting Governor Instructs to Develop Set of Measures to Improve Demographic Situation
Society 22.04.2021

He instructed to do so during the briefing session on Monday, April 19, 2019.

Maksim Ukhanov, head of Penzastat, reported on the indicators for the 1st quarter of 2021.

"The number of births in the first two months of this year compared to the same period last year decreased by 15 percent and amounted to 1,312 people, while the number of deaths increased by 25.8 percent," noted the head of the Territorial Body of Federal Statistics for the Penza Oblast.

The acting head of the region said that the mortality rates were affected, among other things, by the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection, though it is not the main cause.

Oleg Melnichenko instructed to intensify work to improve the demographic situation in the Penza Oblast.

"Now people born in the 90s, when the country had a "demographic pitfall", are at the reproductive age. It is clear that for some time the birth rate will not be really high. But the children of the 2000s are already entering the fertile period of life, they are getting married, and the birth rate will increase for objective reasons," the acting governor stressed.

At the same time, he specified that the region's government should take certain steps in the given direction – having analysed the situation it is necessary to take a set of measures so that to increase the birth rate and reduce mortality in the region.

"We need to think how to increase the birth rate and what additional measures can be taken to stabilise the demographic situation," Oleg Melnichenko set the task and gave specific instructions to officials.