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Oleg Melnichenko: President Aims at Social Support of Nation
Oleg Melnichenko: President Aims at Social Support of Nation
Society 23.04.2021

Commenting on the Presidential Address to the RF Federal Assembly, which was made public on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, the Acting Governor of the Penza Oblast, who was present at the ceremony, noted the importance of the announced decisions regarding the growth of the living standard of the population, the development of the regional economy and the implementation of infrastructure budget projects.

"Today's Message of the President of the Russian Federation was aimed primarily at strengthening social support measures for the population. The epidemiological situation makes the people feel in danger, and the government, of course, has to act as its main defender. In the context of a declining pandemic and partial restrictions, the decisions taken by the head of state will help families to maintain their prosperity, so that, they can raise children without dire need for the most necessary things. It is especially important for mothers with many children and single-parent families. I agree with the measures announced by the President and support them. I think that we should get involved in the implementation of these decisions immediately, so I instruct the regional government to prepare a draft of regional measures to support our fellow countrymen," the Acting Governor said.

In the Penza Oblast, at the peak of the incidence of covid-19 (August 2020), 2,717 specialised beds were organised. Now the epidemiological situation, which is leveled largely due to the ongoing vaccination, lets the region leave only 1,350 beds. To date, 92,792 Penza Oblast residents have received the 1st component of the vaccine. 47039 people completed vaccination. There are 74 vaccination sites.

"The President raised a very important topic of refinancing the regions' debts. Thanks to this initiative, the proficit funds will be used for the regions' development. In the near future, I will instruct the regional government to prepare proposals for additional budget support measures. We will involve experts and the public in the dialogue," Oleg Melnichenko said.

According to him, infrastructure budget projects - highways, transport, housing and utilities, tourism - all these areas will receive a strong impetus for development.

"Moreover, we have quite serious plans for the repair of the network economy, municipal facilities, as well as the roads development. First of all, municipal and regional ones," he specified, adding that this year it is planned to build and repair about 400 km of roads of local and regional significance.

The total amount of funds provided for the implementation of the "Safe and High-quality Roads" national project in 2021 is 3,854,725 million rubles, with 2,995,000 million rubles from the federal budget.

As part of the national project, it is planned to bring 100 km of local and regional roads to condition with respect to use for traffic in the Penza Oblast this year. Road works will be carried out at 96 sites.

"Rural cultural centres and libraries have long been in need of renovation and repair, and thanks to federal funds, we will be able to solve this problem completely," Oleg Melnichenko said.

This year, it is planned to carry out major repairs of the buildings of four rural cultural institutions and 30 municipal educational organisations.

"The main measures that were announced today by the President of the Russian Federation in his Address are aimed at improving the living standards of the population," the Acting Governor of the Penza Oblast summed up.

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